12:00–20:00 Race Office

12:00–20:00 Expo Sport&Fitness Spring 2019


10:00–20:00 Race Office

10:00–20:00 Expo Sport&Fitness Spring 2019


10:00 Start of the 14th PZU Warsaw Half Marathon

14:00 End of the event

On the night of Saturday (March 30th) to Sunday (March 31st) we change the clock from winter to summer time. This means one hour less of sleep! To mitigate the negative effects of this change, it is worth it to go to bed on Saturday a little bit earlier than usual.


There is no possibility to collect the race kit on the race day. You can collect the race kit on presentation of your personal document with a picture of you. Your race kit may be collected by another person on presentation on your personal race card with your signature on it and a copy of your ID (photocopy only for inspection).